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Economic Theories

Economic System
An economic system is a structure of the functioning of an economy. The structure basically shows the freedom or restrictions imposed on the people living in the country in relation to use of resources of the country.. Read

Micro & Macro Economics
Macro Economics may be defined as that branch of economic analysis which studies the behaviour of not one particular unit, but of all the units combined together. Macroeconomics is a study of aggregates.. Read

Theory of Demand & Supply
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Inflation, Deflation & Reflation
Inflation is a global phenomenon. There is hardly any country in the capitalist world, which is not afflicted by the spectre of inflation. Inflation is a sizeable and a rapid increase in the general price level.. Read

Theory of International Trade
Indians drive cars made in Japan, use VCR�s made in Korea. Americans drive cars made in Germany, use VCR�s made in Japan and wear clothing made in China. Japanese watch American movies, Egyptians drink American cola and Swedes jog in American running shoes. The world economy is more integrated than ever before.. Read

Theory of Foreign Exchange
To buy foreign goods and services, or to invest in other countries, companies and individuals may need to first buy the currency of the country with which they are doing business. Generally, exporters prefer to be paid in their country�s currency or in US dollars, which are accepted all over the world.. Read

Economic Growth - The economic growth of a country is mainly determined by two variables, namely, capital stock and labour force. These two variables are further influenced by various sub variables like human endowments, social attitudes.. Read

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Economic Theories
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