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Brown Consultancy Services is a Public Limited Company registered in India. The company deals and provides consultancy services in the field of Finance and Investments. The company is a one-stop financial services consultant wherein clients can enquire, clarify, buy and use financial products with ease and convenience. The company provides consultancy services to both resident and non-resident Indians.

The current activities of the company are:

Distributor of Mutual Funds

The Company is a distributor for major fund houses in India. Financial Advisors of the company would assist clients in the process of asset allocation and help them to choose good funds of all the funds available. Fund selection is purely based on the performance of the fund houses over a period of time rather than by brand image or companies strength.

All the investments are monitored on a daily basis by the back-office staff of the company. Clients would receive emails/phone calls regarding their portfolio positions on a weekly basis. Clients may call our office to know about their portfolio positions during office hours.

The company provides an online mutual funds� Portfolio Watch with which clients can track their mutual fund portfolios on a daily basis. Clients are allotted User Ids and Passwords with which they can login into the Portfolio Section of the website to view their portfolios.

Consultant for Stocks

The company provides consultancy services for stocks. The company helps clients by selecting a good stockbroker and opening the necessary Trading and DEMAT Accounts for them. Once the accounts are opened, the company helps clients to buy and sell securities by taking orders on behalf of them by entering into a consultancy agreement.

Distributor of Life Insurance

The Company is distributor of life insurance policies issued by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company and Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). Financial Advisors of the company are well trained in the products of the above companies. They would assist clients in analyzing the financial risks associated with them and suggest suitable policies to cover the risks.

The company has its own internal insurance policy monitoring system wherein clients would receive renewal premium reminders. Financial Advisors would also help clients to make necessary changes in their policy documents like change of address, etc., if any.

Distributor of Fixed Income Securities

The Company is a distributor of the following fixed income securities.
  • Post Office Schemes
  • RBI Bonds
  • Infrastructure Bonds
  • Capital Gains Bonds

Information Services

The Company has its own information products and service systems, which are on sale through subscriptions. The following are the information and service products that the company has.
  • Mutual Funds Portfolio Watch
  • Stock Portfolio Watch
  • Insurance Portfolio Watch
  • Fixed Income Securities Portfolio Watch
  • Data Services
  • Knowledge Center
  • Newsletters
Currently, all the above mentioned information products and�services are free..

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